The Byrd: Repositioning + Identity


"We want to be seen as a film center, not a second-run movie house." - Colleen Flynn, The Byrd Theatre & Foundation Marketing Director

We were asked to develop a compelling and clear brand that moves the Byrd Theatre forward, allowing it to better market itself to customers and donors.

The Byrd Theatre is a historic cinema in the Carytown neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. Built in 1928, the theater is known as a state historic landmark and is recognized as one of the nation's grand movie palaces. Locally, it is a beloved spot for second-run movie selection and $2 movie tickets.


The true uniqueness of the Byrd experience has not been clearly defined. While Richmonders love the Byrd and know it's a special place, they have trouble articulating what it really means to them.

“I'm at the Byrd for more than a movie.” // "I don't go to the Byrd for the movies. Since it's so cheap, even if it's not the best movie, it's not that big of an investment. It's more just because it's a fun experience." // "It's a more social experience than other movie theaters."


The Byrd is an iconic relic of an era we'll never get to experience.

In the 1920’s, movie palaces like the Byrd were built across the country to celebrate the "golden age of film" -  a period characterized by creativity, glamour, and exceptional storytelling. It was a time where movies were an art and a luxury, and entertainment inspired awe and wonder.


Leverage two key strengths to establish a clear brand identity: 1) recognition as a Richmond institution and 2) unique atmosphere. 

The Byrd is Carytown's homage to the golden age of film. New positioning allows the Byrd to own it's historical heritage in today's landscape and celebrate what sets it apart.