Soapbox Soaps: Brand + Social Strategy


SoapBox Soaps is a mission-based personal care company that empowers consumers to change the world through everyday, quality purchases. For every product the company sells, they also donate a bar of soap to a person in need either abroad or in the U.S.

SoapBox asked me to create a marketing campaign for the Hispanic community based on research of what resonates with the Hispanic consumer and SoapBox's core messages.


SoapBox is a brand most attractive to millennials; they're a group that prefers natural products and brands that do social good. They're the strongest CSR supporters in the U.S. and it takes more than quality products to win their loyalty. So I knew that narrowing the focus to Hispanic millennials was the place to start.

But the mainstream is changing (58% of Latinos in the 20-29 age group are U.S. born - a number that increases to 81% for 15-19 year olds and a whopping 95% for 10-14 year olds) - and diversity means being inclusive to everyone.

Interviews and research told me that Hispanic millennials felt like brands were trying too hard by targeting them directly: "They rely on stereotypes that have nothing to do with how I live my life. Latina women want exactly the same thing that every other woman does.”


Minority millennials buy from brands supporting causes at the same rate as those in the majority - so I realized that multicultural millennials would be a bigger opportunity for the brand's marketing campaign.

NEW TARGET: "The Modern Multicultural Millennial"

They're global thinkers part of the "new mainstream".
They're expressive, inclusive, socially conscious, and culture-driven.
They're mobile-savvy, curious to try new products, and wanting a “green badge" - but questioning of claims.
They respond to brand content and visuals that they feel they can connect with.


For this group, making a connection is less about the demographics, and more about their pyschographics. Their attitudes and values. Their lifestyles.

And personal care isn't cultural... it's personal.


Democratize personal care and unite multicultural communities by being a personal care brand for the human race.

TACTICS: Logo Update + Product Recommendation

I learned from in-depth 1:1 interviews that people connected more with the hand and heart icon than SoapBox's original logo.

The logo update and product recommendation stemmed from this realization that the hand/heart would better communicate SoapBox's stance as a brand that stands for "care" and "humanity".

TACTICS: Campaign (Digital + In-store)

The SoapBox Stories campaign was centered around giving SoapBox products clear and distinct product benefits that consumers could actually relate to.

I brought this idea to life for the brand with mockups of how they could extend the campaign online, as well as in-store and on social channels.


Three months after presenting my findings and recommendations to the team at SoapBox, the brand team's manager sent me an email with a new video the company had launched.

SoapBox changed their internal motto to Personal Care for the Human Race and the ad agency who made the video referred to the phrase to help inspire video ideas.