PERIOD: Website Redesign & Social Campaign


Formerly called Camions of Care, PERIOD is a youth-led nonprofit that helps homeless women gain access to menstrual products. PERIOD approached Swift to help rebrand the organization and launch a new website on International Womens' Day.


Create a digital identity communicating PERIOD's new name and mission.


It's easier than ever to spread the word - yet harder than ever to make people care about an issue if they don’t feel like they’re a part of it. To combat complacency, we realized the new PERIOD website needed to accomplish a few things:

+ Articulate the issue in a way that hits home (educate; point out where stigmas exist)
+ Propel others to take action by giving a face to the issue (connect personal stories to donations)
+ Solidify PERIOD’s brand identity as local chapters continue to grow


Empower supporters to speak up for ALL women’s needs by positioning PERIOD as the leader of menstrual movement.

New positioning and logo design.

A look at the new website.

Check out some press we got for the project here!


We created a series of animations for use on social that highlight period euphemisms from around the world. This is part of an ongoing effort to de-stigmatize periods and to get the social community talking.


Art Direction/Design: Kim Daley