Denim is a timeless wardrobe staple and the signature item of Madewell’s brand. There are so many ways to wear it and make your own, so here’s a few style secrets from one denim-loving associate at store 289.

1. Let your socks show. Ankle-length jeans can be a hard sell for some taller girls like myself. (No one wants cold ankles in the winter!) But this doesn’t necessarily mean you always need to reach for the talls - shorter jeans with ankle boots give you a chance to show off your personality with fun patterned socks. They’re cozy, cute, and keep the chill off.

2. Have a few favorites - avoid decision fatigue. I keep my 3 favorite pairs of jeans out on a chair in my room for easy access when I’m getting dressed each morning. I have high riser skinnies in Lunar, Davis, and Atlantic washes - one black, one dark, and one blue jean. Limited options make getting dressed super easy, but still give me the light to dark range that I need.

3. Dark denim goes with everything. When customers ask me what top would best work with their new denim, I love to show how versatile the product really is. A sleek pair of black skinnies pairs well with a white button down for a business casual day look, and can be dressed up with heels and a silk top for an evening event. Dress it down on the weekend with a comfy flannel and high rise sneakers.

4. Don’t be afraid to double it, but stick to contrast colors. Light chambray works wonders with white, and a classic denim jacket looks great styled with a darker wash.

5. If you like it, buy it twice. Certain looks that make you feel cool and confident will always be dependable. Denim is one of those things that stays in style and it’s an investment worth making. If you find you’re wearing one certain pair of jeans a lot, buy a back up pair for years down the road. Future you won’t regret it.