Purpose: To determine what people prefer about Cheez-It snack crackers vs. Cheese Nips, and vice versa. The conflict group will survey members with each preference and wants to test if either group is more passionate about their brand.

I. Introductions (10 min)

a. Thank you for taking the time to be here today.

b. Goals:
i. Get to the root of participants’ cheese snack preferences – Cheez-It or Cheese Nips.
ii. Get feedback for ideas that might sway consumers towards Cheese Nips.

c. Please write down the following:
i. Name
ii. Age
iii. Where you work
iv. Family situation (married, divorced, etc)
v. Kids? How many?
vi. Favorite snack to veg out on at home

II. Brand Associations (15 min)

a. Split into two groups – each group to focus on its preferred brand.

b. Cheez-Its people: write a list of at least 10 adjectives that come to mind when you think of Cheez-Its.

c. Cheese Nips people: write a list of at least 10 adjectives that come to mind when you think of Cheese Nips.

d. Both: Write down the first memory you have with your brand. Did your parents buy this snack for you when you were young? Did you discover it on your own? Did you try the opposing brand first and switch over? If so, why?

e. How often do you buy Cheez-Its/Cheese Nips for yourself or your family? Do you keep them in stock all the time or only buy on occasion? What determines when you buy?

III. Snacking Details (10 min)

a. (Still in separate groups)

b. Tell me HOW you snack. Do you typically eat Cheez-Its/Cheese Nips at home? What do you wear? Where do you sit? What do you do while you eat?

c. Do you ever crave Cheez-Its/Cheese Nips? If so, what triggers the craving? Where are you when it happens?

d. Do you eat Cheez-Its/Cheese Nips out of the bag/box, or do you pour them into a bowl? What do you like about the packaging? Is there anything you don’t like about the other brand’s packaging?

e. Do you typically eat one serving size at a time or do you binge?

IV. The Other Brand (10 min)

a. Cheez-Its group: Think about Cheese Nips.

b. Cheese Nips group: Think about Cheez-Its.

c. Extend your imagination and pretend you somehow accidentally purchased your non-preferred brand of crackers. You just came in from a long day and all you want to do is eat your favorite snack. Write a few sentences about how you would feel upon seeing the “wrong” brand in the pantry.

d. That being said… would you ever purchase the non-preferred brand of snack crackers if they were offered at a deep discount? If the preferred brand was out of stock? Why or why not? Any other motivating factors to consider purchasing the non-preferred brand?

V. Advertising (10 min)

a. Move back into one group – what are your impression of Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips advertising? How often do you see it? Where do you primarily notice it?

b. Do you pay attention to the design on the box?

c. Does either brand have a slogan or word that pops into your mind when you think of it?

d. What could Cheese Nips do to get a competitive advertising edge over Cheez-Its?

VI. Wrap-Up (5 min)

a. Thank you for participating in our discussion today!

b. Incentive / Exit